Presets that make you look like a pro.

I'm So excited to finally be able to offer presets that make your work stand out.
I remember being new to the game and buying every preset I could and I was not happy with majority of them.

These presets are a glimpse of REAL TIME and make your images TIMELESS and not part of a trend that will make clients have buyers remorse in 10 years when they finally decide to print them. Because let's face it, at the end of the day it's about having happy clients with amazing images that you know will last a lifetime.

These presets are not for everyone, I shoot in Kelvins (i adjust my white balance) so I do not shoot in auto anything because I like choosing my warmth and coolness on my images.

watch your business

exactly what clients really want

Timeless Style


When you stay consistent clients notice.


$75 For 3 Presets that will change your photography game, is a damn good deal!

Jess Morales

Is a goal diggn boss babe based out of The Woodlands, Tx. She's been chasing lovers all over the world for the past 6 years of running her photography business. 

My goal has always been to give my clients something that they will be proud to hang on their walls - regardless of how long it takes them to do it. With my presets I believe that you can do exactly that.

Start using these presets on your work and you will see the change in inquiries and your business growth!!

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