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The Renewal

The Renewal

It’s Saturday November 26th and I am packing my things for this beautiful shoot at Enchanted Rock and am excited for my 4 hour drive out there. Obviously these were not taken there so let me tell you the story:

After lots of crazy music and my pit stop to Taco hut (because tacos for breakfast are necessary) and random stop at HEB to see a lady about some flowers, I only was able to get eucalyptus (be patient), passing a EMU on the side of the road… YES I said EMU well we finally get to Enchanted Rock and we arrive 3 hours early to get in….. and then a park ranger drives up to the 4th or 5th car in front of us and says on his very much needed mega phone, “WE ARE AT CAPACITY, TURN YOUR VEHICLE AROUND THERE WILL NOT BE ANY MORE ENTRANCES!”

MY HEART PANICKED….. I have been waiting to create these memories for over two months after speaking to Alyssa about her vision!

So we turn around and head back and to my curiosity which tends to go down paths many won’t because they might be arrested for trespassing…. I pull into a little dirt road on the way back less than five minute from enchanted rock. As I pull in the woods seem to surround me and pull me in with the random cacti that floated among these golden fields and trees, I see a building and the door is open. I seriously prayed that God would open a door for us to shoot at Enchanted Rock so this intrigued me, I decided to go to the back of the building and to my finding a vehicle was there with a sweet woman walking out waving at us. I park, get out and say hello and ask her a few questions to find out we had found a Wedding Venue that was newly built!!!! We started talking a little more and the crazy thing is….Mrs. Marla was the daughter of the original owners of Enchanted Rock!!! SAY WHHHHATT! She then proceeds to ask why we stopped by and we explain we are wedding photographers that came all the way from Houston to shoot a Vow Renewal at Enchanted Rock but because they were at capacity we had to turn around…

and without hesitation she said, “Shoot here!”


So we prepped for The Hendersons to arrive and Rachel took the eucalyptus around the woods and made a magical bouquet with wild flowers and weeds. It was so perfect for the shoot…

I’m seriously lost for words at how God still made a way for it to be magical for them and they had so much fun just spending time together and reclaiming their love for one another. What makes this even more special to me is knowing these two as I grew up. Through this I know God wanted to remind me just how much he always provides what we need when we need it, even when its not exactly what we want or had planned we just have to trust his ways are always higher. (Isaiah 55:9)

┬áThe Moss Ranch at Enchanted Rock – www.themossranch.com –



Photography by Jess & Angel Morales