WE the Romantics

Maria +Victor

I adore getting to work with friends. This session was so special to me as one of my dear friends is engaged to the most perfect match for her.  I knew Maria from work before I became a full time photographer. When I lost my mom a few years ago, this woman was there to dry my tears, bring me flowers and so many smiles and encouraging words. At that point in time, she was dating Victor but I knew it was only a matter of time. I remember one day I was having a really hard day dealing with my mother’s death and she reminded me that God was with me. In the same way God was and is with me, I fully believe God is with these two. I was SO excited when I learned that they were finally engaged! When two people with big hearts come together, it is a beautiful thing to see. I’m blessed and honored to not only get to watch their story, but I get to tell it.


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Photography by Jess & Angel Morales