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October 1, 2016

yes… FINALLY catching up on blogging! WHAT A HAPPY DAY!

Jessica and Jared Veal

This wedding was most definitely unlike any wedding I have ever done.

Red victorian wedding dress, a one horse carriage, a historic chapel, firing canons, candles and all the amazing details go on and on and on. These two had their amazing wedding at Presidio La Bahia in Goliad, Texas. Trust me that canon going off scared the bejjjjessus out of me and I almost dropped my camera lol! BUT I GOT THE SHOT and the rest is history—no puns intended— ok I was really trying to make you laugh and if you didn’t if forgive you. 🙂

Lauren with Landa & Co Coordinated the entire event and made sure all the details were absolutely perfect and organized. She even saved the day with making the bride a bouquet when Jessica (the bride) accidentily forgot it when walking out the door. Thats’ what amazing planners and coordinators do…. when things happen they don’t wait for it to fail but make it the best of a situation for you when you feel helpless. If you want more info on how to reach this amazing coordinator here is her Facebook link:


BUT all in all this day was filled with live music and so much fun and dancing into the night until the last person could not dance anymore…. so now we can say

“and the Veals lived a happily ever after!” 🙂


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Photography by Jess & Angel Morales