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There are so many things I wish I knew when I was a bride when I was trying to create the best day ever happen for my Hubby and I! So I get the feeling of being completely overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. The cool part is that if you actually are reading what I am writing you would find that because I have shot over 300+ events that I know all the right people that can help you on your best day ever... Including me as your photographer!

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Hi there, if you are reading this then you are probably looking for a photographer. If this is the first photographer, or the 100th photographer that you have looked at, this is your sign, Jess is the one. She is so sweet, takes amazing photos, and makes you feel so comfortable. She backs up her photos 3 different ways, which is super important because anything can happen! She came with us to Jamaica to shoot our destination wedding, as well as shot our reception when we arrived back in the states. Not only is she the greatest photographer that I feel has ever walked the earth, she literally will do anything for you. I received a few unedited photos the day after my events, she fixed my hair, carried all my ~bridal~ stuff, laid on the ground to get the PeRfEcT shot, got her hubby to run around the entire resort (thanks Angel) lol, stayed late to take pictures of a special dance we did, wiped my tears away, laughed with me, and made the entire experience much better than I ever could have imagined. You cannot go wrong with her amazing art/magic that she creates. Her photos are timeless and will be enjoyed by me and my family for years to come. I love you Jess. Thank you so much. You really are an incredible person and photographer. 

Rachael and Nicholas Lutz -Elopement To Jamaica

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If you are looking for a wedding photographer you have to check out Jess!
She is absolutely amazing and everyone loved her, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better! I’m soo in love with my photos. I get asked constantly who my photographer was and complimented on my photos! She has such an amazing personality and huge heart!

CArolyn Martin

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Photography by Jess & Angel Morales